Mahalo to all those who attended the Open House Events!

Over the past two weeks, four Kaua‘i General Plan Open Houses were held in Līhu‘e, Kīlauea, Hanapēpē, and Kapa‘a.

Nearly 200 people attended to learn about and share their input on the General Plan Discussion Draft.  If you missed the open houses, check out the photos and display boards from the events here.


Review Period Extended!

Based on the feedback from the Open House events, the public review period for the General Plan Discussion Draft will be extended by two weeks. Comments on the Plan are now due by December 16th.

Send your input by e-mail to, or by mail to Plan Kaua‘i, 4444 Rice Street, Suite A473 Līhu‘e, Hawai‘i 96766.

Upcoming Events: Additional Open Houses

There will be an additional two Open House Events, with dates and venues to be announced. If you missed the first round of open houses, please join us to learn about the General Plan Discussion Draft, and share your input.



  1. rhoda libre December 6, 2016 at 8:46 pm - Reply

    GPU Input:
    from the Kaua’i westside Watershed Council

    These are the strategies left by our na kupuna makaainana and the path to which they have led for us to espouse in lineal and cultural protocol, to which are laws of nature and the equation for a true paradise forged in self resilience and self sustaining from waowao akua to waowao kanaka to which we are the last living legal and witness of evidence to this resources management kuleana. Hundreds of our citizens have gathered for thousands of hours over the years and many have givent heir mana’o and gone on ahead never seeing our government and global community address their plea and plight and save the traditional and lineal habitat and practices.

    Our stance is still the same in the westside general plan update “cultural protocol and restoration” is necessary to comply, revitalize and prevent further destruction of our historic sites, cemeteries, food habitats, environment, native species migration, habitat, and water resources theft and impingement, illegal poaching, commercial, and entry to KAPU areas, vistas protection, cattle near water resources and pollution, over development and over capacity, ineffective enforcement policies, management, and procedures that perpetuate violations, urban sprawl, and violations to cultural protocol and infringement of natural stewardship and legacy birthrights, evidence of environmental and civil rights patterns of indifference and omission again the cultural community of the westside.

    1) salt pond and puolo point and westside shoreline and diverse greenways adjacent to salt pond shall continue regional cultural stewardship of legacy resources, no more poor city development on ag and preservation lands, but removal of illegal and inappropriate commercial and
    human activities that has desecrated sacred areas and taught our generations resources hoarding and how to exhaust culture and nature for foreign profits. “short term profits in exchange for death of paradise, cultural life, and protocol”. Return control of agricultural and sacred sites for restoration of food forests and habitat integrity thus allowing the self sufficiency of the regional cultural community to return and can thrive.
    Return the abandoned lands and sacred sites to the makanainana that have been working against all odds to protect our own food and medicine supplies and historic legacy and birthrights and ability to maintain in time of emergencies and natural and manmade disasters. It is our right as national and federal citizens
    to maintain protocol and survival of paradise and its inhabitants. County and state should support community resources management and not bank legacy for outside profits. parks and recreation divisions and dlnr state departments have proven to be more destructive than helpful and accountable so it’s time to stop the devastation and war on culture and self-sufficiency. We are not happy about Federal intervention, governmental inappropriateness, habitat fleecing, globalization in employment and policy making and infringements are unacceptable and acts of war right here on home soil.

    Allow regional protocol to re establish, managed by the regional makaainana , and you will see the westside take the lead again towards higher education, self resiliency, improved social economics, less crimes, environmental proficiency, world-class botanical gardens, quality food and air and soil and waters, improved opportunity in all fields of commerce and health, evolved activities and options for forefront communities of the future in holistic leadership, research, demonstration models for the world, and accountability in holistic and hospitiable environments and economics of the future, here today.

    Our watershed has put in thousands and thousand of hours in my generation and data and management evidence from 1989 and back to our great grandfathers in resources management and protocol for this particular region is untarnished. Inter governmental and interagency protocol watch and engagement has not been broken since implemented in the late 1890’s and our continuity is untethered and
    we object in entities trying to replace and displace our lineal and cultural legacy and aha kuleana.

    Our cultural community has met and addressed issues since 1989 n incorporated arm in 1999 and continued protocol and resources management since then and have engaged in trying to make govt respond to our implemented cultural protocol and nature laws to only face parroted policies and infringements of our cultural practices, migration paths, water stealing, reef and shoreline destruction, and the oppression of our community once again.

    Return diverse agricultural shoreline lands, wetlands, sacred sites, and water resources to our westside community stewards and watch the westside grow momona where it should be…make the westside GREAT AGAIN. County and state and federals cannot and have not so your need to please allow our community to survive the way we should and be the experiments of profits for outsiders..then and only then our visitors and our future generation will see a better future in I KA PONO…anything less is uncivilized and ignorant and acts of cultural and spiritual war.

    please add this to the comments and an elaborated and succinct compilation action 1999 and 2005 plans and comprehensive lateral compliance strategic timeline and community master plan is available…cultural protocol and inter governmental engagement action plans are congruent to the emergency and mitigation strategies manual as well.

    We have been waiting too long for our govt to respond to our emergency conditions and the time is dire and action necessary. We solicit your assistance and support but do not wish to give up our kuleana, protocol, culture, lifestyle, birthright, and legacy of life. We wish to continue to encumber and restore to what has been violated, abandoned, and abused in our region. We welcome the county’s consideration and collaboration for a more healthier and proper future to improve all life on this island and its finite resources. Food, environment, and medicines are most important and the development on shoreline greenways, sacred and historic areas, cemeteries, watershed pathways have only led to death upon more deaths and one death is too much…give back Puolo point and salt pond areas and that air strip needs to be stripped outta there from long ago and the illegal commercial and modern recreational activities need to stop…KWWC had been caring for these shorelines for over 150 years generationally …we wish to continue our kuleana and walk together with the county to restore our Kaua’i’s once greatness and unabated leadership. Compromise is not an option anymore. The environment is suffering and the appropriate actions that our watershed makaainana and council pioneers have shone the way but powers that be need to comply towards betterment and not small individual profits.

    KWWC continues to resource management our region and lets not the lives of our Founders be in vain for if we do not act today we are all guilty of the destruction of tomorrow. the time is now and we are already ready… we cannot lose more diverse agr lands and food forests and continue to allow foreign intervention to rule our communities. Appropriate things in appropriate places. Puolo point and salt pond cannot take anymore people or activities… YOU HAVE KILLED SALT POND AND SHORELINE AND DIVERSE FOOD FORESTS OF THE WESTSIDE WITH YOUR INEFFECTIVE POLICIES AND DESTRUCTIVE ACTIONS. Please give us back our area and watch us restore the area to where the county and the world will see the difference in JUST one year….and adopt-a-park agreement will not do for cultural stewardship. We need this cultural center in the area to be the apex of restoration and higher education= cultural protocol lives…let’s be the example and be the leaders of a better nation again. it won’t hurt to be the difference in truth.

  2. santo giorgio December 15, 2016 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    one comment to help traffic flow in kilauea area. create intersection at banana joes/minigolf restoring old road down to kalihiwai beach and close off current access into kalihiwai from highway. possibly keeping exit onto highway to hanalei direction ONLY…

  3. Sharon Goodwin December 17, 2016 at 4:10 am - Reply

    Aloha Members of Kaua`i Co. Planning Dept–Dec 16, 2016. While reading the DGP, p.180, I came upon Future Land Use, Table 4.3 Changes to Urban Areas, E. Kaua`i, which states, “Urban Center designation around Kapa`a MS changed to Agriculture (site of proposed HoKua Pl. I heartily commend and applaud your courage in making this well-thought-out recommendation. As you may know, while developer Greg Allen insists Kaua`i will be bereft
    of affordable housing if HoKua Pl remains Agriculture, his idea of 25% affordable @ $500,000 per unit is paltry. He did not disclose many lots w/ houses would sell for over a million. And he didn’t tell us how many years the affor-
    dable designation would be in place before selling at market price. A recent report stated a Kaua`i working family could afford a $300,000 home.
    In my letter to you dated 6-17-15 I stated Infrastructure Impacts of this enormously dense project are my major concerns–Ample Sewage Treatment Facilities, Abundant (not just adequate) Clean Water Supply, Increased Traffic Woes, and Solid Waste Disposal including Construction Waste and Garbage, which must last the lifetime of all potential dwellers. These are not all the Impacts, only the most significant. A FACT OF LIFE–Infrastructure stresses result in Environmental degradation.
    The choice is clear–we must build a better and sustainable future by planning and design, for affordable housing that stays affordable permanently. fpr fresh water, to mitigate run-off pollution from wastewater, to manage tourism so traffic woes lessen, move to Island-wide recycling habits. I strongly recommend the HoKua Pl Agriculture designation by County Planning Dept remain “Agriculture”.

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