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On April 28, 2016 at the All Saints Church Gym in Kapa‘a, the Plan Kaua‘i team held community visioning and place typing workshop for the communities of East Kaua‘i: Anahola, Kapa‘a Town, Kapahi, and Wailua.  The workshop was facilitated by Opticos Design Inc., and included an opening presentation, a bus/walking tour visiting key points in East Kauaʻi, a mapping workshop and breakout session held over lunch, and an evening closing presentation.  The workshop sought to identify each community’s attitudes towards change, their vision and aspirations for the future, and important elements of community character to preserve and encourage. They also explored areas of planned and possible future growth and development in each district.

Dozens of community members participated in the bus tour, mapping workshop, and breakout sessions. The input gathered during the workshops will inform the development of the Kauai General Plan Land Use Map.

The opening and closing presentations for each district are available for download below, as well as a summary memo and copies of handouts, maps, and written comments. Additional input is welcome! Please view or download the presentations, summary, and associated documents below, and send your comments and ideas to plankauai@kauai.gov.

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