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What is the General Plan?

The Kaua‘i County General Plan is the top-level policy document that guides how we grow responsibly. A public process will develop a shared vision and goals for the future. The last General Plan Update was completed in 2000, and much has changed! How should we address these changes and move forward? Only together can we chart our course.

Let’s Plan Kaua‘i together!


Who’s Involved in the Planning Process?

Planning Team

Kaua’i County Planning Department:

Michael Dahilig
Ka‘aina Hull
Marie Williams
Leanora Kaiaokamalie
Lee Steinmetz
Marisa Valenciano
Ruby Pap


SSFM International
Opticos Design Inc.
Collaborative Economics
Economic & Planning Systems
PBR Hawaiʻi
Charlier Associates Inc.

Community Advisory Committee

The mayor has convened a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to help guide the planning process with representatives from various sectors, including agriculture, business, culture and the environment, tourism, as well as community representatives from around the island.

Bill Arakaki
Kurt Bosshard
Bev Brody
Helen Cox
Luke Evslin
R. Farias
Randy Francisco
Laurie Ho
Brenda Jose
Sue Kanoho
Cammie Matsumoto
Mark Oyama
Gary Pacheco
Barbara Robeson
Tom Shigemoto
Stacy Sproat-Beck
Susan Tai Kaneko

How does this relate to me?

The General Plan impacts where you live, work and play, how you get around, the character of our Island, our land and water resources, our cultural resources and practices and more!

Let your voice be heard.

What matters to you? What impacts your quality of life? What are your concerns for the future? What should change? No idea is too big or too small – we want to hear it all.

It’s never been easier to participate.